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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  July 9, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> coming up -- a triple shooting in northwest washington leaves two people dead. the search for suspects tonight. and remembering betty ford. we speak to those who knew her well. the dalai lama on capitol hill, his message to the faithful and those looking for enlightenment. and royals and california. the duke and detchesse spent their first full day in the u.s. abc 7 news at 6:00 starts now. >> live and in h.d., this abc 7 news at 6:00 on your side. >> we begin with a developing story. d.c. police are searching for suspects in a triple shooting in columbia heights that left two men dead and one man in critical condition. we've been tracking the
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investigation and mike joins us from headquarters with the latest mike? >> around 5:50 a.m. d.c. police said they got a call of a reported shooting at parkwood place, several blocks north of the dcua shopping center and the metro heights station. the victims all appeared to be adults in their 20's and 30's. as for suspect investigators have not yet released an official description. but jim graham says two black men were seen to be running from the scene of the crime. >> first it sounded like a big firecracker, one shot. and then i heard a lot of them. i rolled down and hit the floor. >> she says she's lived on this block in columbia heights for 40 years and nothing like this has ever happened before. >> i woke my daughter up. she said, mom, what's going on? i said get on the floor. >> witnesses say they heard several gunshots maybe eight or nine. many assumed they were fireworks left over from july 4th.
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>> there's constantly people hanging out in the streets but no one dangerous, you know, we ever thought. >> when residents learned two men had been shot dead on their street, another sent to the hospital in critical condition, they were shocked. >> i'm glad it's not me. that's all i got to say. >> that's awful, though. i hope that the one in critical condition survives. >> there are several surveillance cameras in the area, including some at this corner gas station and a nearby camera with a microphone. police are examining the footage for clues. >> this is an active area of the community and there are a lot of people in the neighborhood who are active here. anybody who may have seen anything through the night last night or early this morning that looked out of place, we'd appreciate the call. >> tonight residents are in disbelief. few are even asking themselves, what if? >> i be getting up to go to work around that time. lucky i was off today. >> police have not yet identified any of the victims in this case, but they say they all appeared to be from this area.
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there are reports there may have been gambling on the scene but police have not yet confirmed that. according to councilmember graham, the two victims who died at the scene were shot in the head, and also, there are reports that a gun was recovered from the surviving victim. so far no arrests have been made in the case. reporting live at d.c. police headquarters in northwest abc 7 news. >> keep us posted out there. in frederick police are searching for a man in connection to the murder of a woman who he was dating. the suspect has been identified as 27-year-old melvin smith. police say a woman was shot to death last night on orchard terrace. anyone with information should call police. two jets intercepted a plane near camp david where the president is spending part of his weekend. the civilian plane temporarily lost radio contact a little after noon today. the plane landed without incident. a plane was also intercepted near the presidential retreat
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last weekend. meanwhile, people are remembering pioneering former first lady betty ford and the impact she made. ford died yesterday in california at the age of 93. our richard reve is live in studio with more. >> betty ford is someone who considered herself an ordinary woman, but many in the area considered her struggles and bravery against alcohol and breast can certificate. today we visiteded axe neighborhood she called -- alexander neighborhood she called home for years. >> when you look at this plaque out front, you realize this is a special place. >> busy days. had fun. >> interesting. it was history. >> louise lives across the street from what was the ford home between 155 and 1974. a plaque over her garage marks where the media camped out. she remembers betty ford as a figure of grace and courage. >> our youngest was born the same day she had her mastectomy
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at bethesda. both happenings were happening simultaneous and we didn't know it. >> that was months after the fords moved into the white house. the first lady would go on to speak candidly about her breast cancer encouraging women to get checked. >> she became a champion for women's health issues. that takes a lot of courage to put yourself in the public limelight when you do that. >> nearly 30 years ago, after mrs. ford left the white house she checked into rehab and announced she was struggling with a dependence on alcohol and pain pills. >> today i am a very grateful recovering alcoholic. >> in 1982 she went on to found the betty ford center. its goal -- treatment without shame. >> she brought it out into the open and made it certainly where people could talk about it easily and it was no longer something you didn't talk about in public. >> along crownview drive on a quiet summer day, fond memories of this courageous, friendly former neighbor. >> when we were chatting, we were just neighbors. she's just a very gracious,
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lovely lady. >> very courageous woman. >> betty ford died late friday, her family by her bedside. she was 93. she is to be buried next to her husband, former president gerald ford in grand rapids, michigan. abc 7 news. >> a courageous woman. thank you for that, richard. in other news now -- cleanup is still underway from storms that rolled through our area last weekend. this is along the g.w. parkway earlier today. crews moved fallen branches on the southbound lanes for several hours. strong winds downed trees on the parkway, causing major backups. turning now to tonight's weather, the heat is on the rise. for more on what we can expect, let's turn to steve in the weather center. >> a lot going on tonight. we have the fireworks display in old town axe ya at around 9:30. temperatures will be in the 1980's. reagan national airport holding at 91 degrees.
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fredericksburg, 88 degrees. if you like it sunny you're really going to enjoy what's on the way for tomorrow. with the heat and humidity, it's back on monday and could be looking at thunderstorms by tuesday. dew point levels are comfortable this hour, but changes are on the way. a complete look at your forecast, plus the beach forecast in the weather center in just a few minutes. pamela? >> talk soon steve. thousands came out today to listen to a south beach by the dalai lama for one of his largest public events since he renounced his political role for a spiritual one. >> it's not every day you get marriage advice from the dalai lama. but today washington, d.c. was treated to free advice from the spiritual master himself. >> in beauty you will find good companion. only external beauty. you may find some sort of companion, some partner, but it
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may not last long. >> the dalai lama held a public talk in the shadow of the capitol, a building he knew represented freedom, even as a young tibetan boy >> boy america big nation, good nation. nation fully committed to human values, democracy, liberty freedom. >> the talk today was a discussion on finding world peace. the dalai lama said it starts with just one. >> try to create calm mind, peace of mind. that's the way to change society. >> for some, that message hit close to home, a feeling that the city can be made better with small steps. >> there's always such a good feeling when a crowd comes together with a purpose. >> everybody should deal with what he has to say. it's important. obviously we want to lower the
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violence. >> his holiness will be in d.c. all this week. he'll be holding a shakra at the verizon center each day. this is the most important religious teaching for buddhists, but people of all faiths are welcome. abc 7 news. >> and still to come right here on abc 7 news -- roller coaster death. an iraq war veteran dies after falling out of a ride. the investigation underway tonight. >> and hines ward in trouble with the law. what the pittsburgh steeler was arrested for. plus, will and kate mania. the royal pair had a busy day in california. we'll have a complete wrap-up [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens williamsburg where
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>> well, millions fought for decades to get to this day. the republic of south sudan is now sovereign and independent. president obama says the u.s. will recognize the nation. earlier today people in the new
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capital danced and celebrated, as you see. they celebrated their newfound independence. the creation of the new state splits africa's largest country into two bringing abend to five decades of -- an end to five decades of civil war. he escaped death on the battle field, but an iraq war veteran who lost both legs died last night when he was thrown from a roller coaster in upstate new york. sgt. james hekimer fell from the ride of steel. inspectors say nothing mechanical appeared to be wrong with the ride. investigators are trying to figure out exactly what happened. pittsburgh steeler player hines ward is out of jail don't. he posted bond after he was arrested for drunk driving. this happened early this morning in georgia. a spokesperson for the former super bowl m.v.p. and "dancing with the stars" champ tells tmz that when the facts come out ward will be exonerated. he has apologized to his fans and the steelers organization.
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still ahead right here on abc 7 -- royal excitement. some of hollywood's biggest stars are gathering tonight to meet prince william and katherine in their first joint u.s. visit. we have the details for you. steve's back in with your forecast. stay wit
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>> well, it is day two of prince william and catherine's visit to california, and it sure is a busy one. today the duke and duchess attended a lunch and a charity polo game. tonight the two will meet some of hollywood's biggest stars at a black-tie dinner. tomorrow they'll head to skid row to visit a community arts organization. we have more on the whirlwind schedule. >> it's called the sport of kings and the young heir to the british throne is already an old hand. at the santa barbara polo and
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racquet club, prince william will saddle up, his wife, kate, dressed up and pony up as much as $4,000 each to see the royal couple at a charity polo match. >> hello hello. >> i don't know him. i've admired him afar for years. he's lived his life with such dignity. seems like a really good guy. >> before the main event the duke and duchess were guests of honor at a v.i.p. lunch. >> we want to give the most disadvantaged young in today's society hope and confidence in their lives. we feel very passionately about this. >> on friday will and kate visited a technology summit in beverly hills aimed at promoting u.s. investment in british tech firms. in the evening they were turning heads at a cocktail reception. the royals mingled with british soccer star david beckham, while guests got a close-up look at kate dressed in green silk. at the theater in los angeles they are adding the finishing touches for tonight's dinner in honor of british filmmakers.
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william and kate will have to compete with the star power of tom hanks jennifer lopez and nicole kidman. >> hollywood is known for bucking protocol. is someone going to go up and hug them, try to give them a high-five? >> will and kate get another close-up tonight, ready or not. >> i'm sure they will steal the spotlight from all the stars. >> looks like a lot of fun but i'll bet you it's a lot of hard work. hand-shaking and oh, geez. you know, we have nicer weather on the way for the day tomorrow. old town alexandria, the fireworks are tonight at 9:30. don't be late. you can take the metro there. probably the best way to get in and get out quickly. looking at annapolis mainly clear skies. we are looking at temperatures holding in the upper 80's to lower 90's. 82 -- excuse me, 92 our high temperature at reagan national after a low of 72. above average for the day. 8, where we normally are. 104 for the record. 91 degrees.
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dew point levels in the 50's. that's why it feels rather comfortable outside for temperatures in the lower 90's. 88 in alexandria, after a high of 91. george washington university at 90 degrees. and our final stop on our weatherbug network takes us to bethesda. currently 89. a morning low in the upper 60's. head out to winchester and martinsburg, looking at 88 degrees this hour. the cooler, drier air well off to the north and east. caribou, maine, are at 70 degrees. you can see why folks head north during the summer. the heat beginning to build and dew point levels beginning to increase. already into the 70's across georgia. this is what's on the way later tomorrow as the winds change direction. more out of the south-southwest. high pressure overhead right now. once this area of high pressure moves off the coast this will act as a heat pump. we're going to feel a huge difference come monday and tuesday. i'm talking daytime highs in the
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mid 90's. heat index around 100 to 105 degrees. heat advisories across the area. looking for relief from the heat and humidity, head over to ocean city. 83 degrees for the day tomorrow. mid 80's on monday. surf temperature holding in the upper 60's to around 70. next 48 hours, a few clouds for the overnight. don't expect any rain. should be ideal conditions if you have outdoor activities planned. through the day tomorrow, just a few clouds here and there. and by monday, may see a pop-up shower or two, mainly to the west of d.c. better chance will come on tuesday with widespread thunderstorms. mainly clear tonight, mid 60's to lower 70's. then for the day tomorrow, lots of sunshine. daytime highs will approach the 90-degree mark. and then we'll look for our extended outlook to keep our temperatures well above average for this time of the year. mid 90's on monday and tuesday.
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your online home for abc 7 weather, head on over. you can take a look at the latest forecast and the beach forecast. >> all right. looks like it's a nice night for the firesworks. >> looks nice. should be fun. 9:30. don't be late. >> all right steve. >> you'll miss the 10:00 show. >> that wouldn't be very good. >> no, not at all. and if you stay in, you can watch soccer. all day we've been keeping track of the world cup. a very close match came down to the wire. we'll tell you who prevailed in penalty kicks. and wait till you see the ball that broke out -- brawl that broke out last night that has everyone talking.
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>> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers moving you forward. >> well, jason marquis will look for redemption tonight against the rockies. he was shelled in his previous
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outing, lasting 1/3 of an inning. a player was called up to make his start in the bigs. while the club looks to even the series, they can take a sigh of relief that john lannan is ok after last night. ty wigginton lines up the middle. drilled lannan in the face. that scores a run for the rockies. take another look at that. lannan had a glove up but still got hit under his left eye. he was diagnosed with a nasal contusion. later, garner singles to left. that will do it. the nats lose 3-2. let's go to fenway for some drama last night. bottom of the eighth, o's pitcher kevin griggs almost hit david ortiz. big papi does not like that. the benches clear. both players stay in the game until this -- griggs taunts ortiz, tells him to get to first and then it's too much. it erupts. everyone's on the field and both players are thrown out of the
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game. to add insult to injury, the sox win 10-3. and jeter watch is officially over. derek jeter hit his 3,000th hit today. and as you can see, it was a beauty. it was a home run, no less. his first at yankee stadium this season. he becomes the first yankee ever to reach the 3,000th benchmark. and you can bet new york is erupting tonight. he also went 5-5 today. well, england will have to wait another three years before a national team makes it out of the world cup quarterfinals. the men were eliminated last year and the women fell to a similar fate. but they didn't go down easily. after 30 minutes of extra time it goes to a shootout. france is in the lead 4-3. one more chance for england to stay alive. pressure is on faye white. can she do it? she's the captain. but even the captain is having a rough day. france advances to their first-ever world cup semis.
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4-3 in penalty kicks. germany and japan. scoreless into overtime. the pass goes ahead to marijuana. there you go. -- to maruyama. 1-0. well, it's not o you hear an athlete admit to resentsing his or her sport. today in his induction speech into the hall of fame, andre agassi said despite his many accolades, even he is human. he said his father pushed him into the sport as a child in newport, rhode island. he thanked the sport for the gifts it bestowed upon him including his wife, steffi graf. she was number one in the world for 101 straight weeks before dropping to 141. nfl players and owners will meet on july 19 for another hearing. both sides are free to continue mediation sessions up to then and the lockout has now dragged on for more than four months. seems like forever, right?
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>> looks like we have a nice night ahead of us. >> a nice night. a lot to do tonight. go out to dinner, go to the fireworks in old town, alexandria. 92 degrees for a high tomorrow. 96 on monday. temperatures remain above average on tuesday. heat index around 100 degrees and a better chance for storms on tuesday. but by wednesday thursday and friday, looking great. great tennis weather, i see. >> good tennis weather. >> lower humidity. it will be dry and comfortable. >> a lot we can do with that weather. thanks, steve. and thank you for being here with us. have a great weekend. captioned by the national captioning institute
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